Data Engineer (Oslo)

How do you like the idea of using your data skills in a startup substantially helping the climate challenge? A startup growing fast and expanding throughout the European market?

We offer the unique opportunities of a scaling company, a skilled and passionate team as well as a job with a deep sense of purpose. You will have room for developing your craft and be a part of an autonomous team with continuous and fast development. We value insight and inclusion and believe iterations make perfection.

"We aren't your typical energy utility sector crowd, but eCommerce professionals with a vision that solar panels and installation services should be sold online both cost-effectively and with as much ease as a television set or a pair of jeans."

- Andreas Thorsheim, CEO

Who we believe you are

You’re someone who has a passion for answering hard questions using various data sources. Data organization with flexibility and efficiency in mind is your specialty.

You hate averages. You love surprising insights and good data visualizations. You love the fact that PostgreSQL 12 comes with inlining of CTE queries so you can structure your queries in a maintainable fashion without losing too much performance.

What you will do

With you Otovo will unlock the insights that are hidden in our data. Your contributions are truly leveraged. Allowing everyone to see more clearly, your work will help Otovo reach the next level.

You will be responsible for building and maintaining our suite of data stores, reports and analysis efforts. A natural part of this responsibility is to work closely with our developers to figure out the optimal ways of structuring our business data so we can use them for greater insights and maintainability.

You will collaborate with all sides of the business, from marketing to support. Together you will create insights into how we can get more solar panels on roofs faster, better and in a more sustainable manner.

You will also pair up with our head of data science to figure out how we can combine machine learning, spatial data, and all our insight to create new and improved tools for consumers and installers.

Special abilities

While we are looking for allrounders, some special skills are appreciated. We are a young company and need people to help where it is needed.

It will be considered a bonus if you have one or two of these:

  • In-depth knowledge of PostgreSQL

  • A decent understanding of statistics

  • Solid feel for the best visualization strategies of complex data

  • Using tools like Chart.IO to share dashboard and insights

  • Familiarity with analytics tools such as Google Analytics

  • Experience in serving terabytes with distributed services

You need to have the ability to handle difficult challenges in a fast-moving company with high ambitions.

“Over the next five years, we fully expect Europe to surpass the United States in terms of solar installations. From a residential solar installation standpoint, we are just at the start of the journey and expect five million homes to go solar in the next five years.”

- Andreas Thorsheim, CEO


We believe being part of growing a company that is putting sustainable energy into every home is the best possible perk. We also offer a great pension, personal insurances as well as a conference budget and great room for self-development. More reasons to join us.

Sounds interesting?

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