Otovo is a unique online platform making it easy for homeowners to get solar panels on their roofs. Founded in 2016, we have in just a few years become one of the market leaders in Scandinavia within solar installations - and now we are expanding into Europe with offices in Oslo, Paris and Madrid.

For our central marketing team in Stockholm, we are currently doing two very important hires - one visual content creator and one SEO Manager - that will help us scale up both the quantity and quality of all our content. This ad concerns the role as SEO Manager.


It seems like it’s finally the time where the world moves towards taking care of our planet, and using renewable energy is a very big part of that. As long as we have sun, we can count on solar energy. Otovos platform makes it extremely easy for the average homeowner to get solar panels installed on the roof, and by working at Otovo as an SEO Manager you will play an important role in helping people find valuable information that enables them to make this investment. Yes, investment - it’s not only great for the environment but also a smart financial decision that moves the profit from energy production from the big companies down to the consumer.

Otovo is a high-growth company with people from a wide variation of backgrounds. It’s an international environment and we have a 50/50 split between male and female co-workers which also is reflected in management. It’s a great place to work!


Words matter to you. You love to write, to do research and to create written content that engages and - matter. You have a good understanding of SEO and the importance of people actually finding what you write when they search on Google, and you know how to balance this factor with the importance of a beautiful text. A key to good SEO is actually providing great content that engages and gives a good user experience, not just about repeating keywords. You know how to do keyword research and to find the right topics and keywords to write about, and you have a good understanding of

Writing about solar energy, energy for homeowners, the climate, the environment and the economics behind producing your own electricity requires a lot of research and most likely you are very interested in these topics. It is likely that you are currently working as a copywriter, journalist or blogger. You are a fluent writer in Swedish and English - if you also know Spanish, French or Norwegian it’s a big plus. You will have a central role at our Marketing HQ and will support writers from our local markets.


Full-time position, based in our Stockholm Office at WeWork on Malmskillnadsgatan 32. There will be some traveling throughout our markets. We currently have offices in Oslo, Paris and Madrid. Send your application to hiring manager Viktor Lundberg, VP Marketing, at viktorlu@otovo.com.


Applications are reviewed until November 30 2019. As soon as we found our star we are ready to start working.